Maybe Capitalism is OK?

Capitalism is a dirty word these days.

I recently attended AOM Academy of Management in Vancouver and went to couple of sessions that questioned and challenged capitalism. This is of course not a new line of enquiry. The discussion explored questions as to whether we needed a whole new paradigm that supersedes capitalism or whether we just need to tweak current approaches to capitalism. No tangible solution came out of the discussion, but it did get me thinking….

Firstly, a proclaimer, I am not the most well read on economic paradigms on capitalism, socialism and communism etc. and only understand them on a basic level. But as I understand it, each perspective has a different view on who should take responsibility for the welfare of themselves and their community.

But what if I said, I believe that any system can work. The heart of the problem is not the system, but the people within those systems. If capitalism was made up of individuals who care and have genuine concern for humanity, the environment and are socially conscious, why can capitalism not work? On the flipside, indigenous and collectivist approaches to economic development can also be vulnerable to corruption and manipulation by those in power and those in charge. It is not our systems that are the problem, it is people. Corruption and greed being the culprit. What we need is to promote economic systems of caring.

So do I dare even say this out-loud and I could be stoned for saying it, but…..maybe capitalism is OK?


  1. Crete

    If your making money what is the problem? Dont fool yourself with moral obligations. Money will rule. Money is power. The thought of economic caring systems is nice but not the answer to power. Example I am ngai tahu and am a share holder of a multimillion dollar business. What do I own of that multimillion corporation? My whakapapa that is it. There is only one getting richer and richer and that is the corporation, not because the corporation is doing business with our own but who? The corporation took all our indidual rights and who benefits most? This is where I am a true believer of individual rights and where a collective can destroy those individual rights within it. Modernisation key theme here. A caring system is not a reality.


    1. Crete

      I can see your point on captalization however how do you get a group of individuals with same values, interests, aspirations etc you would need to clone a entire people with a intergenerational outlook. How would this protect individal rights and freedom of choice? Go hard Kiri xx


    2. Kiri.Dell

      Kia ora Crete!! Long time no see lol. Yes I do realize that people caring for each other is quite an idealistic concept. But I am an optimist and believe that it can be a reality. The question I pose in this blog is “if everybody cared for each other could capitalism work?”

      I also see your point around tribal business wealth generation not having an impact or filtering down to the grass roots level. This is a very topical issue and one that I am very keen to explore more!


      1. Crete

        How do you measure genuine concern for humanity, the environment and socially conscious? Would this include being socially responsible? Check out the Aspiring leaders forum online Runaka nominated 4 of our young ngai tahu upcoming emerging leaders to attend couple months back. Their feedback was awesome pm me xx. I see the kaupapa of the forum lining up in ways similar to your thesis x

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  2. Amber Nicholson

    If economic caring systems are not the answer to power then what is? Why is money power? How do we change that? (Assuming that we want to change that).

    I believe a caring system is a reality. We used to live in village communities that cared for the well-being of all. We currently still search for communities that care for our individual well-being whether that be friends, whānau, sports teams etc. Somewhere along the line capitalism, business, and money became separate from that community, socially and morally. We need to bridge that divide. I don’t have the answer as to how, but I have hope that we can get there.


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