Two forces nature bound

Two forces nature bound is a little poem that recognises the dynamics of two powerful forces of nature, bound by nature. I reflect on my two ‘homes’ away from my South Auckland home. One in Ahipara where my mum was brought up under Whangatauatea–a mountain of strong spiritual force, regularly kissed on the toes by Karirikura, the lapping tides of Ninety Mile Beach that meet it at the shore. The other homeland to which this poem is written about, acknowledges the landscapes that flow from Mount Hikurangi to the mouth of the Waiapu river, and meet at the mighty East Coast in Rangitukia. A “metaphor” for the possibilities created when two forces join; that is an indomitable spirit, and a passion for collective well-being.


Mountain rock, solid, stubborn,

“Ehara au i te maunga nekeneke”

– I’m not a mountain that will be moved.

It is the river that leaves the foot of the mountain,

To meet Hinemoana at the shores,

She calming, violent, abundant,

Fed by pure waters at the mouth

of the Waiapu.

Two forces, nature bound

Carving a new landscape,

a new humanity,

where two forces work as one.



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Abigail McClutchie

Abigail McClutchie brought up in Manurewa, South Auckland hails from Te Rarawa and Ngāti Porou. In the provisional year of a PhD, Abigail studies in the Management and International Business department of the University of Auckland Business School. Abigail claims her journey to academia has been somewhat accidental at times, and was initially led to university after returning from a four year OE with two goals; to earn a degree and to learn te reo. According to the high school counsellors she was destined to be a hairdresser like her friends and not a teacher or a doctor like she hoped for. Soon she will be both. She taught English in Korea for six years, second chance learners in Aotearoa New Zealand for a further four years, and is currently working in the University of Auckland Student Learning Services - Te Fale Pouāwhina team teaching academic literacy skills to arts and business students,. Although not a medical doctor (an option expressed to the school counsellor) she plans to be a doctor of philosophy in the next few years, navigating indigenous entrepreneurship, mahi rangatira, and business education pedagogies that empower the Māori entrepreneurial spirit. A life-long learner, traveller, lover of te reo Māori me ona tikanga, believer of edu-action and transformative activism to realise tino rangatiratanga, and a trust that indigenous and global leaders can work together to create a world where we enjoy real peace, harmony and happiness.


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