A Taniwha has followed me home

Lake Wakatipu is a living breathing lake that has a tide every 25 minutes. This has been explained scientifically because of the unusual shape of the lake which is both long and very deep. Māori understand that the tide occurs because of Matau who slumbers at the bottom of the lake.

A few days after I had returned home from a 3 year academic sabbatical in Tāmaki Makaurau a taniwha was discovered washed up on the shores shivering from the cold. He now sits in the warmth and listens to the call of the Tui. He is not the only thing that has followed me home. I returned home with a PGDipBus – Māori Development and an MBA.

My reason for moving to Tāmaki Makaurau for 3 years stemmed from a dream that involved my finding from the past a Māori axiomatic financial equation (I know right – most people have dreams about what is occurring in their subconscious mind. I dream about financial equations). My dream showed me many places to look which included One Tree Hill that involved a tohunga and a taonga. Hence Tāmaki Makaurau I travelled to, and enrolled at The University of Auckland.

The axiomatic equation I discovered in Tāmaki Makaurau is that Māori ethics should unquestionably be included in the financial equation. The details of how this should be done will become evident after I visit many more places I saw in my dream. Since returning home I have knocked on the doors of many accounting firms in the area, enquiring about their thoughts on ethics included in accounting. To date only one accounting firm in Queenstown considers ethics when applying the financial equation. They were really interested to share their thoughts and combine them with mine. I feel a PhD paper coming up.

Anyhow returning home feels like returning back to work after maternity leave where there are several themes occurring – sometimes all at the same time. The themes:

  • The feeling of remaining the same
  • Uncertainty
  • Feeling low
  • Work paradox

My taniwha helps me through these themes and continues to keep me guessing at why he followed me home.

Here he is sunning himself. Until my next blog – take care, god bless and ka kite ano.

gladys taniwha





  1. Abigail McClutchie

    I just love the look of your taniwha, it is very special. Tapping into the emotion of your taniwha and the journey you led (it followed) brought a familiar tingle: vulnerability and courage. Congrats Gladys!


  2. Krizzy Toheriri

    hi i love it..im in search of some awnsers to a dream i had a couple nights ago.me and my daughter were swimming in a lake that looked like a street into a key whole,in the middle of the key whole was one big rock with a tree in it.i swam to the side of the bank and went to pull my self up as i did that i looked over towards the tree and saw what i thort was a taniwha.questioned myself too the next day why i said it was a taniwha when i have never seen one before.it came swimming towards me at the same time im buzzing feeling like wow.it swam over and stood up on its tail to my level and just looked at me and i told him your beautiful…didnt even no if it was a boy…(freaky right)i wasnt scared at all i was so amazed.he wasnt scary at all.then i looked over at my daughter and told her it was alright and thats when i felt a bit scared but i think it was cause i was so fasinated with my taniwha i totally forgot about my daughter for that moment.as soon as i told my daughter its ok,he looks where im looking(at her) and slithers down slowly on its tail and swims back around by the tree.i drew a picture of this exact korero and the taniwha..i got asked what it looked like was i scared what colour was it wat colour was the water….told them it was beautiful like i told the taniwha face to face.he wasnt scarey had a friendly face and i saw no eyes maori designs onhis face and and a long tail no arms or legs the tail was smooth like a tuna body and had a maori looking face..a bright green colour all over andthe korus on his face was red.my brother in law told me to draw what i saw in my dream i said i couldnt draw it cause ive never been a good drawer.he said take your time sis it will come.next minuet im drawing my dream.when he looks at it and sez yuo no how yuo said sis he had no eyes i said yes,he said these two korus i had drawn at the top of his face on both sides wer his eyes.i was like wow it makes sense.and the water in the lake was clear as can be…


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