Re-blog: “You’re Not the Indian I Had in Mind” by Jess Housty

There is so much good advice in this blog by Jess Housty, “You’re not the Indian I had in mind”. In storytelling, the who, what, where, when, why and how matters immensely and if it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right. Check yourself…


It’s August. I recently wrapped up shoots and interviews with the ninth film crew to visit this season. Don’t get me wrong – I live in a stunning place, I’m blessed to do work that interests the wider world, and there is a value in telling the stories that make this place powerful. But so far, every film crew has been mostly white, mostly men, and they’ve all come crashing into my reality in such problematic ways that I feel compelled to throw down some pointers for y’all.

Disclaimer: I do not speak for all Indigenous peoples. This is not an official memo in my political or non-profit capacities. This is a series of questions and requests from a storyteller who is tired of how these scenarios play out. But there is room for hope and change.

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  1. Are you centring Indigenous voices and perspectives?

Indigenous voices are…

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