URGENT! Big Hearted Women Needed from 1 March to Care for our Elders

Zohl de Ishtar Blog

Tjaa Tjaa 008 Our Elders want to live near their Tjaatjaa (Grannies)

We need two or three Marlpa (/Friends) to help us look after our Elders so that they can remain living on their Women’s Law (ceremonial) Ground, close to their families and community, and embraced by their land and Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). Our Elders are some of Australia’s few last remaining Aboriginal Women Elders who were born and grew up in the desert before the Kartiya/Strangers arrived in their ancestral lands.

We need help to look after our Elders so that they don’t have to live in a mainstream aged care facility. Simply by living with, caring for and loving our Elders you can make a real difference to their lives. And to your life too!

We currently care for three women Elders aged 77 to 83. We all live together in the same house. The work is consistent with long hours…

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