Maori Entrepreneurship

I agree that “the Marae, the ancestral home of Maori, can usefully be thought of as an attractor that shapes entrepreneurial activity”.

Manuka Henare and Dr Billie Lythberg:

As I get further into this PGDip, I have come to the realisation that my Grandparents and parents have exposed me to aspects of entrepreneurial activities and practises, right here on our Marae.

I can remember as a lil girl, my Nanny would make me get up and mihi tautoko and lead the waiata, little did I know that this would help build me into a more confident adult.

The marae is full of governance, entrepreneurial activities, kaupapa Maori and tikanga Maori. Children are exposed to these practices if their parent isn’t lazy to take them.

As a lil girl I was always doing all the things with my Dad that a son does. I used to hunt with him, kill and…

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    1. Amber Nicholson

      Great blog! I think there is a lot that people (like me) miss out on through not being exposed enough to the marae. A lot of kaumatua and kuia say they were never “taught” but they learnt through just being there. It is cool to read your story about how it is all coming to light now. Ka rawe!!


  1. AnneTAU/Paratene

    Nga mihi Amber 🙂 . Yes, like my other blog said: “Who else followed their parent’s footsteps without intentionally doing so?”. That is a build up to this haha.

    Little do we realise how thoughtful our elders are. For example, my Nanny knew that one day I will benefit from her making me stand and korero and waiata etc…..right down to the gardens with Grandpa and Dad with hunting and all that stuff. I was 8yrs old when I dived with my Dad and got my first kina and paua, I gave those to my Nanny. Here I go again blabbing on……

    Thank you so much for reading and liking my blog. I have been nosey now and following this group 🙂

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