Free sustainability education? MOOCs for everyone!

I have struggled with the perception that tertiary education is something awarded to the privileged few. There are a lot of barriers to access to education that can make it seem impossible to even consider trying to apply, and for so many Indigenous folks, the foreign institutional environment is hardly conducive to learning once you get “in”. I am definitely an advocate for experiential learning and the importance of inter-personal connection, BUT, I have just discovered MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and found this amazing link (below) to some free courses available on sustainability topics. These are perfect for learning at home, or with your community. Bring these ideas up for discussion and tailor it to Indigenous structures and ways of life.

This is such a goldmine for someone like me, who often revisits all the potential areas of study that I wish I had done in another lifetime, and now that I am finished studying a very narrow specialisation within a larger area of ethical economics, sustainability is a natural fit to complement the theorising that I have done. “Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs“, “Making an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals“, “Social Impact Strategy Tools for Entrepreneurs and Innovators“…so much opportunity here from top universities around the world! I encourage anyone who can, i.e. you have access to the internet, to make space in your schedule to do these courses. We need more of this thinking among our best and brightest.

Here’s a bonus article: “What do the Sustainable Development goals mean for Indigenous people?

Every year there is an increase in the number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) available on sustainability topics. These courses are available for free online and open to anyone with an interest in the topic, lasting between three and fourteen weeks and taking three to eight hours per week to complete. Below is a selection […]

via A Selection of MOOCs on Sustainability and Ethics for September 2017 (Part 1 of 2) — PRiMEtime

Dr Dara Kelly

Dara is from the Leq’á:mel First Nation and carries Sts'iales, Tahltan and Métis genealogy. She is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Business at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. She was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Peter B Gustavson School of Business and has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Commerce from The University of Auckland Business School (UABS). Dara’s doctoral research explores Coast Salish gathering economy of affection in BC, Canada. Her research focuses on Coast Salish Indigenous philosophy of economy, freedom, unfreedom, wealth and reciprocity. Dara is also an alumnus of the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Program in the Faculty of Arts at UBC where she completed her BA and is a researcher with the Mira Szászy Research Centre for Māori and Pacific Economic Development at the UABS.

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