K.I.N: 5 Doctors and a Baby, now what?


Since we started the blog in July 2015 we have had many successes as K.I.N. Our first doctor graduated in September 2016, Dr. Sisikula Sisifa. 2017 saw another three doctors’ graduate, Dr Nimbus Staniland, Dr Dara Kelly, and Dr Mariaelena Huambachano. Although she has not graduated yet, another of our KIN wahine successfully defended her doctorate and will become Dr Kiri Dell in the New Year. But wait there is more! Thanks to Amber Nicholson, enter our first KIN baby Amaia Kite was born in 30th September 2017.

KIN whānau meeting 2017
L-R: Betty Ofe-Grant, Nimbus Staniland, Abigail McClutchie, Rachel Cocker-Hopkins, Narissa Lewis, Amber Nicholson, Dara Kelly, Manuhiri Huatahi, Kiri Dell.

As we close up for 2017, the K.I.N. authors would like to say thank you to all of our guest contributors over the past few years and acknowledge the hundreds of people who have followed our K.I.N. blog posts. In 2017 we have had 28 posts, 11,607 views, 7,766 visitors from 93 countries, 132 likes and 82 comments.

It would be fair to say that with some of our founding KIN members completing their PhDs it has been a struggle to maintain the momentum of the blog. Initially one of the purposes of the blog was to provide an outlet to express some ideas outside of our PhD writing. Next year we will be looking for new and innovative ways to bring more energy to the K.I.N. blog and have discussed a few ideas. As followers of the blog, we are REALLY keen to know your ideas about the blog. We are keen to know what you like and dislike, how we can make it better, what direction we could take, and how to bring new energy to the K.I.N. blog? We seriously invite you to leave a comment about anything you have to say.

KIN with Mariaelena (2)
L-R: Kiri Dell, Nimbus Staniland, Rachel Cocker-Hopkins, Mariaelena Huambachano

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