An adventure with inspiring women

I went on an adventure,

and along the way I met;

A busyness woman, a navigator, a pirate and a fairy;

and also on a journey, Norwegian viking Mary!


We’d korero and tuhi, till late

into the night.

And often we’d come together to

take a little bite!


They showed me ’round their worlds’

the where’s, the why’s & how.

The eloquent & proud, ‘Nga mana wahine Ao.’


‘Yes, we’re all just making it up.’

and trying to find the truth!

All seeking and designing ‘pou’,

to hold our knowledge roof!


Maybe we’ll make a difference,

a subtle paradigm shift.

We are goddesses & healers,

& on the wind we drift.


Setting ripples on the water,

where ever we may go.

Out towards the horizon

to see what we might know!




Busy-ness woman because you are in the business of busy with the kaupapa!

Fairy because... I reckon you grant wishes! (Thanks for proposal example!)

Pirate because…You said so!

Navigator because … Your awesome waka ama skills

Into the night’-ref. Dylan. because we are resilient and persevere!

Ripples on the water- like knowledge, like resistance, like…any way you want to translate it!!!!

By Roseanna Kumiko Benziada written at Vaughn Park at a writing retreat.

Ko Ngati Whatua te iwi,
Ko Ngati Torehina te hapu,
Maunganui ki Tutamoe nga maunga.
Repiro te moana,
Kaihu te awa e rere ana.
Ko mahuhu ki te rangi te waka
Ko Taita te marae,
Kia mahara koutou te whare tupuna.
Ko Taoho te tangata,
Ko Netana Patuawa te tupuna,
Ko Henare Snowden toku koroua
Ko Catherine Downey toku mama
Ko Roseanna toku ingoa.

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