Jodi Porter Aotearoa

Te Moana-nui-a-Toi, my ocean - it calls me. I am a descendant of these waters. I am a way finder, just like my great ancestors. I love discovering new ways to innovate, influence and inspire. I hunt for the first domino, aim for the bulls eye and only invest in what I think will make a difference for us as indigenous peoples. I love to push the boundaries of what is considered possible and think that challenging the logic of the world as we know it should be part of our daily agenda. I'm hopeful, futuristic and willing to adjust my sails so that the waves of the future may bite at my face. I love agility and try to shapeshift all the time. I’m always trying to experience more and feel with my heart and less with my head. I'm a passionate student of life - naturally inquisitive, curious and ok with asking the right questions even if I have no idea of the answers. I try to be brave, have courage and reflect everyday what it means to be an indigenous woman. I'm attracted to work that's about change, transformation, collective impact and indigenous systems innovation. I'm a believer that our people are the solution and that we must design the world we want to live in. Being part of creating a world that one day my own children will inherit, is at the core of my life's purpose. I love being involved in community grounded collaborations and projects; and see our future prosperity through the avenues of social enterprise. You can get in touch at: