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Public lecture by Dr Michael Yellow Bird

Neurodecolonisation: Connections between mindfulness practices and traditional indigenous knowledge

TUESDAY 21 JUNE 2016 | 5.30 – 6.30PM

All are welcome at this public lecture. Guests are invited to meet with
Dr Michael Yellow Bird and colleagues for refreshments following the lecture.

N3 Lecture Theatre, Epsom Campus
Gate 3, 74 Epsom Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

Documentary coming out called “The Pass System”, on one of Canada’s shameful and illegal policies to restrict movement of Aboriginal people

Premièring at the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival with dates to be announced, THE PASS SYSTEM illuminates Canada’s hidden history of racial segregation. For over 60 years, the Canadian government often denied Indigenous peoples the basic freedom to leave their reserves without a pass. Cree, Saulteaux, Dene, Ojibwe and Blackfoot elders, artists, and historians of the prairie land where this took place tell their stories of living under and resisting the system, and link their experiences to today. Acclaimed Cree actor and activist Tantoo Cardinal (Dances with Wolves, Legends of the Fall) narrates this investigative look into a little-known Canada.


Official trailer for new documentary, The Pass System

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) conference call for papers – Deadline: 1 November 2015

Conference dates 18-21 May 2016

NAISA call for papers

This year’s conference is held in Honolulu!

Click to NAISA call for papers here

Exciting news!

10 October 2015 marks the launch of REDxTalks – the first Indigenous speaker series that expresses and embodies Indigenous world views from elders, teachers, youth and allies. Let’s bring it to Aotearoa!

You can follow their Facebook page here: REDxTalks on Facebook

Or, find out more information on their website here: REDxTalks website

The Digital Va, Digital beginnings: The Kava Bowl

Some photo highlights from journey to The Academy of Management in Vancouver, Canada, August 2015:

Interesting article in the Guardian, September 2015:

Say Goodbye to Capitalism: Welcome to the Republic of Wellbeing

Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 7-11 August 2015

In our group, several of us prepared submissions for the upcoming Academy of Management Annual Meeting. The program has been released online, and below are some of the sessions that are going to be presented by our esteemed colleagues:

Session Title: Energizing Governance: Indigenous Spirituality through Haka (Dance) and Waiata (Song)

Participants: Edwina Pio, Auckland U. of Technology; Chellie Spiller, U. of Auckland; Valance Smith, AUT U.; Maree Sheehan, AUT U.

Session Title: Indigenous Perspectives on the UN Declaration and the PRME

Presenters: Chellie Spiller, U. of Auckland; Ella Yvette Henry, Auckland U. of Technology; Rachel Maunganui Wolfgramm, U. of Auckland; Joseph Gladstone, New Mexico State U.; Michelle Evans, Charles Sturt U.; Daniel Stewart, Gonzaga U.

Session Title: Indigenous Values Plus Economic Value = Sustainable Businesses

Participants: Chellie Spiller, U. of Auckland; Edwina Pio, Auckland U. of Technology; Adam Murry, Portland State U.; Amber Nicholson, U. of Auckland; Miriam Jorgensen, U. of Arizona

Session Title: Native and Indigenous Peoples Caucus welcome from Indigenous Peoples of Vancouver

The purpose of this session is to raise the profile of indigenous peoples in the region amongst the Academy of Management community. Further, it will provide an opportunity for Native and Indigenous members of the Academy, from around the world, to acknowledge the spiritual and physical presence of the local Indigenous peoples, and to share in their cultural traditions of welcome.

Organizer: Ella Yvette Henry, Auckland U. of Technology

Session Title: Sustainability, Profitability and Spiritual Wisdom:Re-imagining Paradoxes Facing Organizations

Presenters: Robert E Quinn, U. of Michigan; Sandra Waddock, Boston College; Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, Alliant International U.; Chellie Spiller, U. of Auckland

Session Title: Community as Stakeholder

“Ambicultural Governance: Harmonizing Indigenous and Western Wellbeing”

Amber Nicholson, U. of Auckland; Chellie Spiller, U. of Auckland

Session Title: Spiritual Leadership for Turbulent Times

“The Maori marae as a structural attractor”

Billie Jane Lythberg, U. of Auckland; Manuka Henare, U. of Auckland; Christine Woods, U. of Auckland

Session Title: Self-Determination and Indigenous Governance: The Native and Indigenous People’s Caucus

The Native and Indigenous Peoples Caucus invites all Academy members to a discussion summarizing earlier conference sessions relevant to and/or presented by Native and Indigenous People that contribute unique views valuable to management scholarship in general. The Caucus will focus on updates from our participating Indigenous members and supporters and will discuss how management education in governance can contribute to improving situations in our home countries.

Organizers: Joseph Gladstone, New Mexico State U.; Chellie Spiller, U. of Auckland

Participants: Stephanie Lee Black, The U. of Texas at San Antonio ; Michelle Evans, Charles Sturt U.; Ella Yvette Henry, Auckland U. of Technology; Keith James, Portland State U.; Deanna M. Kennedy, U. of Washington, Bothell; Daniel Stewart, Gonzaga U.; Amy Klemm Verbos, U. of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Session Title: Indigenous Management Education and the Management Academy

Participants: Ian O. Williamson, Melbourne Business School; Brent Mainprize, U. of Victoria; Daniel Stewart, Gonzaga U.; Ella Yvette Henry, Auckland U. of Technology; Rick Colbourne, FMP

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